Our goals

ITAE Medical Research elaborates new medical imaging instruments, non-invasive and specially devoted to the fight against all diseases that impact the subcutaneous micro-vascularization of the skin, in particular, skin cancer.

We thus propose a groundbreaking imaging instrument called:

« The Transcutaneous Micro-Vasculoscope TMV »

At ITAE Medical Research, we think that an early detection associated with a real-time therapy evaluation are the two key parameters to fight against skin cancer.

ITAE provides this dual functionality in one instrument, the Micro-Vasculoscope TMV, that allows us to observe and to follow up the microvascular activity through the skin, in real-time.

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Here is a video demonstrating the ability of the next prototype in preparation: the LRV, Long Range Vasculoscope, intended to observe the macroscopic vascularization: