The Micro-Vasculoscope TMV

The TMV Transcutaneous Micro-Vasculoscope allows you to acquire simply and instantaneously images through the skin up to several millimeters in-depth with a sub-millimeter spatial resolution, over an observation area of ​​several centimeters. Thanks to its innovative acquisition modality revealing the subcutaneous activity, the micro-vascularization appears clearly.

The TMV Tanscutaneous Micro-Vasculoscope is easy to use and doesn't require any preparation of the patient. Connect the TMV to its portable docking station and you can directly observe in real-time both the micro-vascularization  image and  the conventional colour image of the observed area. From a simple finger pressure, you can record these two snapshots in less than one second.

This new instrument is the result of many years of Research at ONERA, in collaboration with the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology of Toulouse (Prof. Muriel Golzio) and with the Oncopole of Toulouse (Prof. Gilles Favre, Prof. Nicolas Meyer, Dr. Serge Boulinguez, Dr. Marion Godeau and Dr Louise Lapôtre). Clinical trials are currently underway to consolidate TMV's contribution to the therapeutic monitoring and diagnosis of cancer.

The TMV Micro-Vasculoscope has now the CE certification. Non-invasive and safe, it uses a unique patented technology* of which ITAE Medical Research has the exclusive marketing license.

* Patent ONERA / CNRS



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Disclaimer: the Micro-Vasculoscope imager is distributed to observe the microvascularizaton and should not influence the medical diagnosis before the final results of the clinical trials.